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NFL Kicker - Is Torn Muscle the Scar Tissue Healing?

My son is a kicker trying to make it in the NFL.

He is just getting back from pulling/tearing a muscle in his thigh/hip region. He is back kicking again.

Today he kicked a 10-12 from past 50, then hit 6-8 kickoffs.

They all felt great, but the last 2 felt a little tight on him. He was worried he had hurt it again He stretched more and then ran, and iced.

He is feeling better tonight. Was this just more scar tissue tearing and will it be sore from the tearing down of scar tissue, or is there something else to watch for?

Thanks and God bless,

Glad to hear your son is back to kicking! That is truly awesome!

The tissues of the body involved in pulling actions have an incredible ability to be elastic.

Just as kind of a side note, elasticity in the tissue is partially a function of genetics, but is primarily a function of how well and how often the muscles are stretched.

His muscle was torn (in the thigh/hip).
What that means is that the cells of the muscle tissue, as well as those of the connective tissue, have actually separated in that part of the body.

This means that they stretched beyond their level of elasticity.

A good visual of this is to take a rubber band, and pull it either so hard, or so fast, that it just snaps.

Now imagine gluing the rubber band back together with super glue.

Will it hold? Sure… until you pull it really hard or pull it really fast, and then you’re back to a broken rubber band, plus you have some crusty glue on the rubber band.

The body works in a similar way, except that it’s not static – that is to say that even though the body is using its own glue to hold this injury together, that glue doesn’t just dry and then sit there. Over time, if the body is stretched and moved, as well as fed good nutrition and powerful thought, that glue will be carried away or transformed into muscle tissue.

You might know all of that already, but the thing about tearing muscle is that until it is stretched and strengthened, a multitude of times, it will generally not have the same connections between the muscle fibers, which are held together by this glue. The things your son is currently working on at a cellular level is making the glue more pliable (like taking cold silly putty and rolling it around until it gets warm), and making the connections between the new tissues stronger. Over time, the body is carrying away toxins which are caused by the rebuilding of the area. It is also building new cellular and nerve connections between the muscle tissues where that glue is holding things in place.

Without actually looking at your son, it’s difficult to say where his soreness is coming from, but if it’s happening after he works out, it’s likely that it’s the strain on the actual connections between the new tissues forming in his body that he’s feeling.

That soreness is likely a good thing, as long as he doesn’t push those new connections to the point where they snap again. Ice is an excellent idea.

One stretching exercise your son may want to try is in one of the first sections of a book called Core Performance. I love the stretches from that book, and if your son’s injury is where I think it is, many of the stretches in there will be very helpful for his healing and long-term re-strengthening.

Where should we be watching for your son? Would love to see him on an NFL team!

All the best to you and your son!

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