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Scar tissue on the face; A simple facial massage

Hi Jonathan,

I do not have an individual scar tissue problem, but my little sister has a scar on her face.

I have been searching for ways to at least make her happier, as I feel very sorry about her.

Do you think her scar can be removed or partially healed?
Please respond.


Hi Adem,

First of all, you are incredibly thoughtful to take the time to do research to help your sister. Thank-you for being a thoughtful person.

There is hope for removal/healing of the scar tissue. Depending on the severity of the scarring, it's location on her face, and the length of time which she has had it, her scars can heal.

There can also be a lot of emotion tied up in facial scarring. I talk about this A LOT in my book "Hey, Don't Touch Me". She may have to work through some emotions tied in with having a scar in such a visible place (as you're likely already experiencing).

Some things you can do to help her:

You or another family member/friend can give her a facial massage:

Take 5-10 minutes per day, or at least several times per week, and find a calm environment.

Put a small amount of massage cream or lotion on your hands. Be careful to AVOID lotion which is made with alcohol. One of the creams I like best is available through Biotone, but most massage or facial creams will work, just avoid creams with alcohol by checking the ingredients. Have her lay face up on the floor, with you sitting behind her head. She can put a small pillow under her head or just lie on the floor. Use just enough cream or lotion to allow your fingers to glide across her face. If you need more cream or lotion, you can add it as you need to throughout the massage.

Use your ring and middle fingers to ensure soft, even pressure. Remember to work with light, gentle strokes. Massage slowly and rhythmically.

Place your fingers at the center of forehead, and make circular motions across the eyebrows towards the sides of the head. Do this a couple of times.

When you get to the sides of the head, very gently press the pressure points at the temples for a short time. To locate her pressure points, feel along the temple bones for little depressions. The pressure you apply should feel pleasant to your sister, although if she is experiencing a lot of emotional pain surrounding her facial scarring, she might be a bit hesitant at first to have you touch her face.

Next, slide your fingers along the sides of her nose, If you're sitting behind her head, use your left hand to massage the right side of her nose, and use the right hand to massage the left side. Repeat a couple of times for each side of nose.

Next, make a V shape with your middle and pointer finger on each hand. Put your finger tips together so that you have kite like shape. Place your fingers around her mouth (your fingers go around her mouth in the kite shape), and gently pull the skin toward the side of the head. Release this gently, and repeat it a few times.

Finally, do some simple circular motions along the jawline from the chin to the earlobe. Your fingers can then make small circles around the place where the jaw bones come together. Do some small circles along the side of the face and finish at the pressure points of her temples.

You can also do some simple work using what I call the pinch method. Now a pinch usually hurts, but that's nt the goal here. Basically, the pinch method is exactly what it sounds like. Take the area of skin you want to work on, and pinch it between your forefinger and thumb, or between two fingers, or between your hands.

Then you will want to do what is called skin rolling. Skin rolling is also what it sounds like. While the skin is pinched, roll it back and forth. The purpose of this is to increase blood flow in the area, while encouraging the tissue to relax, loosen up, and allow the nerve cells to push back through the scar.

For herself:

She can do some facial stretching on her own as well. Have her take a few minutes at the beginning of your facial massage and start to move her face around in lots of directions. She can do what we call "Big Face, Little Face" (Make your face as BIG as you can make it, and then make your face as SMALL as you can make it). Have her move her jaw, cheeks, and forehead. Whatever she can move, have her move it. She will find that by moving her face, over time, she will get the scar to be more movable. Stretch and squeeze, stretch and squeeze. If she gets annoyed with you telling her to do all of this, then tell her to stick her tongue out at you as far as she can stretch it, as that will help her face to stretch too.

I hope this is helpful Adem. If you're interested in learning more, I do go more into facial massage and facial scar tissue, as well as explain how to work through the emotional issues associated with facial scar tissue in "Hey, Don't Touch Me".

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