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Scar tissue behind the knee causing limp

Olivia asked the following question:

Is scar tissue behind my right knee going to prevent me from getting full leg extension after total knee replacement?

My surgeon will NOT do manipulation, so I need to know if I am stuck with a limp. My leg extension is at 12 degrees. This is not really very good.

Hi Olivia!

First off, the good news is that there are more caregivers than just your surgeon. So, start looking.

Depending on why your knee was replaced, and relative to the trauma that's happened in the area, you should be able to at least start working the skin and the tissues around the knee. This alone should give you some additional mobility and reduction of pain.

Then, depending on where, and how many practicing massage therapists are near you, the next step I would take is to start calling through the phone book and looking for a therapist who specializes in Neuro-Muscular techniques. Since movement is as much about getting the brain involved as getting the body involved, a therapist who really understands Neuro-Muscular techniques should be able to start working with you on a regular basis and if the surgery was done properly, you should, over time, get back a significant portion of the movement in your knee. You can find some good questions to help select a massage therapist here.

Also, depending on your financial situation and your insurance coverage, either your primary care physician or the surgeon should have you getting started with some physical therapy within 1 month of your surgery. if this hasn't happened, discuss it with your physician. If you have a physician or surgeon who doesn't believe in physical therapy after a surgery for total knee replacement, I would find a new physician, and would not return to that surgeon.


Hi this is exactly my issue. the only difference is it has been 18 months since my surgery . I did physio they told me it was all they could do. I am now playing slow pitch baseball again, but I do not have the extension so running is impaired.

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