"How To Get Rid Of Scar Tissue On Your Face..."

Part of the reason I wrote a book about healing scar tissue is because my massage clients were asking me if there was a guide they could take home with them.

My massage clients wanted to learn some of the scar healing techniques I’d been using with them in massage sessions.

But I’ve not found other books which specifically address how to heal scarring in the same way my book does.

I wanted to write a complete guide to healing scar tissue and feel like I have done a good job of that.

However, even though I don’t know of other books for information about healing scars, there are so many other great books about your body, healing your body, and how to think about your own body.

These books will help you improve your overall health and that, more than anything else, will generally help your scars heal faster.

Having better nutrition and better circulation gives your body the basic system and building blocks it needs in order to heal your scars better.

I have quite a few book titles that I recommend people read.

There is also a recommended books list on the site here at HealingScarTissue.com.

On that page, you can see my recommended books list for ideas about how to heal your body, and how to improve and grow your mind.

By growing your knowledge base about yourself and your body (through the Healing Scar Tissue book, as well as through some of the other books we recommend on this site), you will generally be able to heal your scar tissue more quickly as well.

So, while I haven’t found other books about healing scar tissue specifically, there are a huge number of great books about health and nutrition, and I hope that in addition to “Healing Scar Tissue”, you will get some of these other books as well.

They have been very helpful for me not only in my massage practice, but just in general as a person healing my own scars and as a person working to grow and improve my knowledge of the world.

If you would like to get some other tips and tricks for healing your own scarring, continue reading this page.

Alternatively, you can check out our books list as well.
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How to Heal Scar Tissue
healing scar tissue


 Jonathan Kraft, CMT
Certified Massage Therapist and Author

What will it mean for you when you can...

 - Regain the movement you once had?
 - Show family and friends how much your scarring has improved?
 - Be able to go out for a night on the town and feel GREAT!
 - Never again hide your scar under make-up or clothing?
 - Get up in the morning without feeling any pain?
 - Have such a complete recovery that you forget where "that old scar" was?

I want to help you to do all of this, and much more.

Decide that today is the time for you to heal your scar tissue and purchase (risk-free) the system below, How to Heal Your Own Scar Tissue


Here are some messages I have received from people like you and me.

They have purchased the book and used this system to heal...


Thank you. The information provided is really helpful.
I've been looking for some info on self healing, both internal and external healing, and yours is among the best.
Continued success to you. Take care!

San Bernadino, CA


Dear Jonathan,
I tore a muscle when I was in Jr. High when my coach was introducing me to weight training. Doing bench presses, he added weights with each pump. I felt something pop in my right shoulder and I had to have the spotter take the bar bell away before I dropped it. It hurt initially but I had not used that muscle much so I don't notice it much. Once in a while when doing push ups or lifting above my head. More recently I have been working with weight more and I have started to notice a tightness and pain in my shoulder. It makes it difficult to do minor work using those muscles only. A while back I had heard my dad mention scar tissue in muscle injury and that prompted me to find your site. 

I have read your book and I agree with the physiology of it and the nature of scar tissue. I will massage my shoulder and try to (if anything) loosen up the tendons as well as stretch, as that is when it has the most sensation...but bottom line is I have increased my range of motion[...] So thank you for writing How To Heal Your Own Scar Tissue, it was very informative and changed my outlook on my ability to heal.

John W.
Ithaca, NY


While browsing the Internet on scar tissue - I came up with your site. I've been searching for a few months and this was the first time I saw your site.  

I had knee replacement 8 months ago and I can still feel the implant. The surgeon said that everything is fine and is it probably scar tissue.  He said other than moving the knee - (he didn't give any more specific exercises) - there was nothing to be done.

I was so upset when he said this. He is a top doctor in my area and I was shocked that there is nothing he can do.

I did Rehab, PT (as much as insurance would allow) and exercised at home. I don't do much now but ride the bike a little. Walking hurts my hip (which he said was probably caused from my back?)

All other sites I've seen on scar tissue just talk about the inability to bend the knee - which I can do to some degree.

Your book has been so great.  At least I know there is some hope with massage therapy which I was never told to do, and your book has taught me how to do this for myself, which again, has been so great.  I'm hardly noticing any pain from my scar now.

Thanks so much for your suggestions!
-Temecula, California


Healing Scar Tisue, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if How to Heal Your Own Scar Tissue isn't for you, for any reason at all, then let me know and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. 

Try it out.  Read the book.  Try the techniques.  If you don't see results from using the techniques in the ebook, I want you to ask for your money back.


I know this system works.  Hundreds of people and my own experience have proven it.  (But if it doesn't work for you, then just ask, and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.)

Give it a try. 

With this book, you will have the knowledge to help you:

  • Heal more quickly

  • Reduce/remove your scarring

  • Get your life the way you want it to be

How to Heal Scar Tissue
healing scar tissue

Was $24.95. Now ONLY $19.95
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(You can listen to it on a computer/iPad/iphone/Android Phone/MP3 Player/etc.)








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